Monthly Archives: January 2018

Ep 44: New and Improved Formula!

We’re sticking with our New Year’s resolution to become the best podcast in the world about ASMR. In this episode we debut our revised format! Ian shares his thoughts on advertising in ASMR News. In Hot Goss, we discuss a shady ASMR app and the response from ASMRtists and the ASMR subreddit. Our Main Quest focuses on Creative Calm ASMR thanks to our number one fan Danny D. In our new rotating segment John shares his thoughts on assholes. Finally we end things with everyone’s favorite segment, the Indulgence Corner!

Ep 43: New Chris-mas

We take a strong stance on Porgs to kick things off, you’re either with us or against us. In the Indulgence Corner, the #1 fan is crowned. We go on quite a few Side Quests this week. Ian takes a bold stance by criticizing Logan Paul. Our Main Quest introduces our favorite holiday to the world. Finally, we ask our fans for help. Thanks for listening!

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